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Massage Therapy for Cancer Patients

Approximately 1.9 million people will be diagnosed with cancer in the next year. Roughly 2/3 of those diagnosed will survive, according to The National Cancer Institute. While cancer and cancer treatments affect everyone differently, current research has shown that massage therapy can help cancer patients alleviate symptoms associated with cancer both during and after treatment.

We are proud that our Massage Therapists are also certified to provide Oncology Massage. We understand the difficulties that come with receiving the diagnosis, undergoing treatment, life after treatment and living with cancer. 


Reduces Pain

Alleviates Stress

Reduces Nausea

Reduces Lymphatic Swelling

Reduces Depression and Anxiety

Improves Sleep and Lessens Fatigue

Prevents Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Nephropathy

Relieves Lymphoma


Oncology Massage

Oncology massage is a client-specific, customized massage session designed to meet the unique and changing needs of someone in treatment for cancer or with a history of cancer treatments. The changes that might be made to a massage most often will be related to session length, pressure, position of the client on the table, and areas of specific compromise or concern.

Oncology Massage should only be completed by a licensed massage therapist who has received certified training in specifics of massage for clients with cancer or a history of cancer.

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